Reclamation or Remediation
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Developing and completing a reclamation or remediation projects include construction sites, landfill closures, and any other site where the natural soil has been removed.  It requires documenting goals and objectives, site specifications, status of construction, acquiring data for all soil materials, availability of soil materials, and availability of equipment.  The following documents will provide insight into the process used.

The photos to the to the right are examples of the effectiveness of the process of preparing, establishing, and managing sites.  By selecting soil materials, defining the buildup process, seeding method, establishment, and management following establishment, a quality grass stand can be developed.

For an example of how establishment may occur, click here.
For soil sampling procedures and submission click here.
The following materials are provided to aid in understanding the principals and concepts of reclamation or remediation project management. All are based on ecological principles and concepts. All practices are time tested and have provided optimum cover establishment, growth, and management.

     Developing Vegetative Covers on Highly Disturbed Sites

     Native Grass Seedling Development

     Evapotranspiration Final Covers: the Kansas Experience from Concept to Reality
         (Proceedings of the 12th Annual Landfill Symposium Conference, June, 2007)

     Alternative Earthen Final Covers for Landfills The Midwest Experience
          (Proceedind of the Global Waste Management Symposium, September, 2008)
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